Penthouse Roof Terrace

A large penthouse roof terrace in the heart of White City, with 4 large balconies creating a luxurious Mediterranean Oasis.

Enter on to the main South facing balcony and immediately be entranced by large ancient olives, planted in their custom clad planters. Underneath the planters see pops of colours and inhale gorgeous scents, due to the underplanting of lavender, grasses and rosemary. 

To accent these majestic olive trees, beautiful terracotta pots have been placed with specimen trees from Cornus to Amelanchier, trained in a Niwaki style.

Venturing onto the other balconies, senses are consumed in an array of citrus and Niwaki topiary, pruned citrus, yew, pine and juniper specimen trees, all underplanted with sensuous herbs and perennials.