Professional Commercial & Domestic Garden Maintenance

At the Outsiders, we offer our clients a bespoke maintenance service based on your gardens specifications. Our team of fully trained and passionate horticulturalists will ensure your garden is maintained all year round, season by season, offering expert tips and advice whenever you need it. With our knowledge, enthusiasm, and world class responsive service, we’ll nurture your garden to your aspirations. 

How do The Outsiders Group prepare for your garden maintenance?

Initially, one of our senior maintenance managers will visit and assess your garden requirements. We will then tailor a schedule which will ensure our horticulturalists have the correct amount of time and frequency to ensure the garden is professionally looked after throughout the year. To track the progress of your garden and to continue its evolution, we use a software which helps monitor and prepare for every visit. Any additional requests from the team or the client, we collaborate with our designers or office team, and provide a quick proposal or response. We want the garden to develop and bring pleasure to you without any delays.